Be Happy

An Exploration of Happiness


The internet is filled with things to look at and say how much we dislike or don’t appreciate them. This blog is the exact opposite. A personal exploration into what has brought happiness to me throughout my lifetime. Art, games, music, and much more. I hope during my time writing about these things and how much they mean to me, they bring happiness to you as well.


Def Leppard's video for the song, "Photograph". This is a great example of what '80s music videos were.

*Fun Fact* Joe Elliott, the lead singer, splits his pants at 1:41.

Lost Lara

Dedicated to alternative travel, Lost Lara chronicles the morbid, the macabre, the Soviet and the straight-up strange.

The Closet Atheist

At college, a Christian. At home, a Lutheran. At heart, an atheist.