Movies and Films (Possible Spoilers Ahead)

I haven’t the slightest clue as to how many movies I’ve seen in my lifetime and my DVD/Blu-Ray collection only has only a few hundred titles. I feel like starting at the beginning of my vast over 3-decade history seems to be the only appropriate way to discuss what movies and films have meant to me. The focus of today’s post will be the first movie I can remember going to a drive-in movie theater to watch, The Gate.


I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is 5. That’s right, my doting parents took me to see a movie about a trio of young kids messing around with a geode stone and accidentally opening the gate to hell when I was FIVE-YEARS-OLD. Parenting in the ’80s was too easy if you ask me.

I don’t remember much of the actual movie, to be honest. I do remember it was on the B-Style movie fence and starred a young Stephen Dorff as the main character. Stephen, his “Sister”, and his “Best Friend” get the family house all to themselves while the parents are out, they do some crazy ritualistic type stuff to a geode rock they had previously discovered in the backyard and *BOOM*, little hellion demons come out from a giant hole that opens up through the floor right inside of their front door, typical.

Thinking about this movie brings about so many thoughts, though. My Mom actually had geodes when my Sister and I were kids. Parents of the year, right!?! First, they take both of their kids, ages 5 and 7 respectively, to watch this movie, and then they bring them back home to two smaller versions of the same hellish stones depicted in the movie already cracked opened, SLEEP WELL KIDS!


Then there were the actual hell-demons, they were pretty odd looking and I think my knack for calling out things as “BS” was a trait I was born with. They were obviously fake claymation puppets, and I remember finding them kind of cute honestly.


The movie isn’t great by any stretch of the imagination but, it does make me believe in Stephen Dorff playing some kind of role in Season 2 of Stranger Things. I could see him as Winona Ryder’s/Joyce Byers’ new love interest, David Harbour’s/Sheriff Hopper’s new friend, or even replace Matthew Modine’s open spot as the new villain.

If you’re needing to fill an hour or more with a B-Style movie in a ’80s horror movie marathon put, The Gate on the watchlist, for Stephen.




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