Brace For Maximum Nostalgia



Boom! Remember these!?! How about this?




Magical indeed…


I don’t remember what the conversation was actually about but, I was talking to my Mom and I randomly brought up Squeez Its and went off onto a childhood tangent ramble. That is a true measure of nostalgia. No reason to talk about that particular subject but, you just sometimes happen to do so.

Squeez Its are the Kool-Aid Jammers and Capri Suns of childhoods past. They were great. I honestly don’t remember there being a bad flavor out of the entire bunch.

I remember one time, my family and I went on a camping trip and we took several packs of Squeez Its with us. After we finished drinking one, we put them on the end of twigs and held them over the camp fire like we were roasting marshmallows. When the plastic catches fire, it makes a really unique “va-whoop” sound as it drops and the flame takes on the color of the bottle as well. It is pretty cool.


Kid Cuisines, what can you say about these Hungry Man TV Dinners for kids? They were pretty gross and bland for the most part. The chicken patties were lightly breaded cardboard, the vegetables were the kind vegetarians would scoff at, and don’t forget the hot chocolate pudding…

I don’t know what mad food scientist came up with that microwaveable abomination but, I hope they didn’t raise any kids…

You know what…


I’ve digested enough of these after school delicacies to know that only pain, suffering, and possibly type 2 diabetes await those who try to live off these food items but, their television commercials, memories made, and the time saved was worth it all.

Bottoms up!



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