My First Metal Band

As a child of the ’80s, there are so many genres of music influential to my early years. There is New Wave, Pop, Punk, Rock N’ Roll, Electronic, Hip Hop, and of course Heavy Metal. I have grown to dislike the label, “Hair Metal”. I believe that this takes away from what so many bands accomplished and it always seems to make people confrontational about defending their personal taste. Plus, my first metal band could easily be written off as one of those types of bands. I’m talking about Def Leppard. … More My First Metal Band


A Slight Detour From “The Norm”

In honor of my current returning favorite Television obsession, I bring to you…

THE “WORST” TOP FIVE LIST IN GAME OF THRONES HISTORY! (Cheers, applause, a smattering of multi-colored confetti, some squeals from those annoying party favors, and a revelry’s song played by some¬†well-disguised yet, famous musicians in an uncredited cameo appearance…) … More A Slight Detour From “The Norm”