A Few Things to Address

When I first started, “Be Happy” I fully intended to do at least one post per week. That isn’t happening. Ignore the website address, don’t be fooled by the man behind the ambitious curtain made of lies, OUTRAGEOUS LIES!!!

There are other things besides my ambition that got in the way as well. I “suffered” a finger injury and had to take a few days to allow it to heal. Plus, the weather here has been uncooperative and I have “a thing” about writing on a computer when lightning is involved.

I will be publishing posts regularly, not weekly.

I hope you’ll forgive my absence and without further ado, I have returned to, “Be Happy”.

I have an amazing post coming up next. I’m really happy how it has turned out, even against my own preconceived notions.

Thanks for all the support.

Don’t forget to check out my other blog projects.


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