This blog was inspired by Donna Kramer. She has a blog called “One Beautiful Thing” or, “OBT”. She explains in each of her posts that she uses one thing she finds beautiful to write about. I thought this was a great idea and immediately started visualizing this blog project to create, tailored for myself with the things that have made me happy throughout my life. What better idea to help find my happiness again than to put things that I enjoy together with writing. … More Welcome


Games with Strangers Plays, “Castle”

The “Games with Strangers” crew prides itself on having an incredibly diverse collection of games.
Our collection features rare, obscure, and otherwise odd, games.

One game I believe aptly shows how far our collection spans is, “Castle”.

Imagine a Kingdom, set to throw a legendary party, in the midst of royal backstabbing, with an incoming siege about to take place, and you’re tasked with settling all of your guests into the castle, without rustling any feathers. … More Games with Strangers Plays, “Castle”

Games with Strangers Plays, “Timeline”

If you’ve ever wondered when “Les Miserables” was written (haven’t we all?), or when the first sighting of an asteroid was recorded (duh, 1801.), then Timeline is the game for you.

Players are dealt a pre-determined number of cards. The next card from the deck begins the timeline.

During their turn, players attempt to build on the timeline in either direction, one card at a time.

For example, the first card in the timeline is the lightning rod, invented in 1752.

You must pick a card from your hand you believe is created before or after 1752 and place the card in the timeline accordingly.

If you guess correctly, your card is added to the timeline, and play continues to the left. If you guess incorrectly, the card is discarded and you receive the card on the top of the deck. … More Games with Strangers Plays, “Timeline”

“Games with Strangers”

My friends and I have been busy getting everything ready for our weekly tabletop event, “Games with Strangers”.

We’ve been waiting for a while but, finally debuted the event this past Tuesday, April 3rd.

It was a small success but, a success nonetheless.
It’s funny because, for a long time, I’ve been laughing about how overly ambitious I was by putting “weekly” at the end of this blog project’s URL but, it worked itself out. I’m now officially doing something on a weekly basis in an attempt to rediscover my happiness. … More “Games with Strangers”

These Young Whipper-Snappers!

If you spend half as much time on the internet as I do, I’m sure you’re aware of the number of people who love sharing and talking about things from their childhood, reliving their own experiences, and getting goosebumps brought upon by the nostalgic time warp.

I’m not sure why but, it seems like, after my childhood ended, the younger generation was denied an entire category worth of food and drink items. … More These Young Whipper-Snappers!

My First Metal Band

As a child of the ’80s, there are so many genres of music influential to my early years. There is New Wave, Pop, Punk, Rock N’ Roll, Electronic, Hip Hop, and of course Heavy Metal. I have grown to dislike the label, “Hair Metal”. I believe that this takes away from what so many bands accomplished and it always seems to make people confrontational about defending their personal taste. Plus, my first metal band could easily be written off as one of those types of bands. I’m talking about Def Leppard. … More My First Metal Band